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About Me

I’m Sarah Eastwood & feel incredibly blessed to do the things I love & to be able to follow my creative path...having been told at an early age that these were not "proper jobs"!!

I spent much of my life trying to "fit in" & do these "proper jobs", which always left me feeling empty, so I decided to go against what most people "advised" & finally share my gifts...

..I guess some things are just meant to be...eventually :-)

I honestly now believe it's never too late to do what you love, & follow your purpose, whatever that might be.

Singing wise, I've been doing that my whole life, from a very nervous 5 year old on stage singing the lead solo in the Christmas concert, to now singing professionally every week!

It is my absolute joy, & I hope that when people watch, they can feel that joy alongside me...whether it's singing to one person in a pub, or to a large crowd at an event...I always put the same level of energy into my performance, & feel blessed that I get that opportunity to do so!

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I embarked on my acting journey much later in life (again, that was a big "no no" by the careers adviser at school), & undertook intensive training in the UK & LA, & I continue to train on a daily basis to keep my instrument, both singing & acting wise in tip top set/stage ready condition.

Since becoming a professional actor, I've been blessed to have worked on over 50 projects, all predominately film & TV, including ITV, SKY, Amazon Prime & Reelz productions.

I'm naturally a positive person & bring that energy to set, which is easy as I love the magic of filmmaking, both watching & creating..... for me.... a story can touch your heart & forever change your world.

Coming into the acting industry later in life has been a gift for me, I know myself better for a start (thankfully) & can readily tap into my own inner qualities & full range of emotions even under the greatest pressure. 

I'm super passionate about fusing myself with the written words on a script to bring the character to life.

And I combine everything with my natural empathy, & bucket load of compassion & humility I've learnt through my own life traumas & triumphs....resulting in bringing a sensitive vulnerable, yet strong presence to the screen.


My personal & artistic vision is to bring joy to others & inspire people to tap into their God given gifts & share them with the world,  no matter what has happened in their past.

Much love 



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