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About Me

I’m Sarah Eastwood & feel incredibly fortunate to be awake at this moment in time, to follow my heart & finally find my callings later in life....some things are just meant to be...eventually...

....I honestly now believe it's never too late to do what you love & follow your purpose from your heart.

I embarked on my acting journey by undertaking intensive training in the UK, & I continue to train on a daily basis with the guidance from my coach in LA to keep my instrument in tip top set ready condition.

Since becoming a professional actor I've been blessed to have worked on over 40 projects, all predominately film & TV, including ITV, SKY, Amazon Prime & Reelz productions.

I'm naturally a positive person & bring that energy to set, which is easy as my true love is the magic of filmmaking, both watching & creating..... for me.... a story can touch your heart & forever change your world.

Coming into the industry later in life has been a gift for me, I know myself better for a start (thankfully) & can readily tap into my own inner qualities & full range of emotions even under the greatest pressure. 

I'm super passionate about fusing myself with the written words on a script to bring the character to life.

And I combine everything with my natural empathy, & bucket load of compassion & humility I've learnt through my own life traumas & triumphs....resulting in bringing a sensitive vulnerable, yet strong presence to the screen.


My personal & artistic vision is to inspire people to stand in their power, live their truth & follow their hearts no matter what has happened in their past.

To know that all the perceived "f'ups & mistakes" (of which I have made many) are guiding you home to your truth within.

To know there are no mistakes, and to be yourself, be love, be compassionate, be vulnerable yet strong...knowing these (amongst many others) are your greatest super powers!

I believe anything is possible, be open hearted to be able to feel, hear, see & know it.....


Much love 



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