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Cast yourself back and slip inside the eye of your mind to before the end of the century. When Cool Britannia ruled the world, Oasis warned you that today was indeed, going to be the day and the Spice Girls told you what they really, really wanted.

That’s the nostalgic vibe we definitely bring back to our shows. Reminisce about the days before social media and instant messaging, and relax and enjoy some tunes you forgot you spent the decade singing along to!

The members of Definitely 90’s all grew up in and around the nineties and have a certain nostalgia about the decade. We put a lot of thought and emotion into our setlist. This is not a 3-hour blast of indie landfill nor is it an onslaught of top 40 pop radio. We’ve balanced the set with guitar based singalongs mixed with pop tunes to get you up and moving.

Whether you like to stand at the back looking moody in a bucket hat or be down the front dancing your little socks off… we’ve got the tunes for you!

Definitely 90's are:

Sarah Eastwood - vocals, keys

Wayne Hunt - guitar, backing vocals

Marcin Kalinowski - bass

Arran Johnstone - drums

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